Healing Words. Morning Messages.

My morning messages are written on the walls throughout Storyhouse in Chester #LandmarkPoems

 I received the following message  and was granted permission to share.
“I want to say thank you. In February I was diagnosed with a 8mm ommental fat hernia. While I was in Chester library I was inspired by your line “I’m not defined by my scars but my ability to heal “. I posted this on my wall and I’ve kept it in my mind each day. Since then I’ve walked over 650 miles, completed 2 marathons and 2 triathlons.
Last Friday I had my hernia operation and when the surgeons went in the hernia had healed itself. Because the hernia was fat tissue and not intestinal tissue all the walking and activities burned the hernia away. I didn’t need a repair or any mesh and now just have two minor scars from the incisions. Thank you”


5 thoughts on “Healing Words. Morning Messages.

  1. I hope you will write another book entitled “Why not” reflective of the purpose of your birth and unique upbringing for? Your story could be similar to Moses’.

  2. At last I find the one person I can relate to. At 71, visibly white of mixed race I still feel completely alone. I too have written a 110 page book, that I keep in a box in the corner of my living room. It was my ‘files’ and the lies within those files, that prompted me to let it all out. I need to share my drama with you in some way. I will loan you my book to compare the realities of being a ‘child of the state’. Please contact me

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