I stopped my morning messages as the pandemic started. I started them again a few days ago.  I need the exercise. I need the contact. I need the FUN and the daily risk of making something up and putting it out. This happened yesterday & I want to share it with you. A young heroic child with Down’s Syndrome…..


Let me make it clear that this child gave me the opportunity to write and therefore has given me a gift! It was only after writing the morning tweet and posting it that I noticed the twitter name of the person I was writing for. Smile of Sunshine. #morningLemn

4 thoughts on “THE SMILE OF SUNSHINE

  1. This is beautiful Lemn; it stopped me in my tracks to take a moment and enjoy the sun and be thankful for what I have. Sending sunshine your way x

  2. Dear Lemn,
    I read your blog today because I was looking for company on a discussion going on in my end – I honestly do not remember what it was anymore  – and I saw the beautiful exchanges you had. I do not expect you to publish this reply of mine if you find it offensive – but because your book and what I saw on YouTube of you (for example an interview with an Ethiopian journalist where it seemed very important for him to speak about your titles and for you to speak of what was true to you) touched me so profoundly, I thought I’d give my honest feedback.
    Your poems are splendid and this child is love
    An adult is speaking for him
    And there is no need for him to suffer more
    What I mean by suffering is not being accepted for who you are – an age at which you do not usually read poems or have an interest in twitter for example and someone uses your picture to put words in your name to someone they could have just reached to in their own name; a time in your life that may be the most astounding profoundly complex and delicate for a child to live – in a world obsessed with “difference” who then expects to be “inclusive”.
    Also – and I will end here. Your poetry is splendid. But there is an element of Manichaeism in it that reminds me of the very experiences you narrate in your book “my name is why”. This light and obscurity hope and despair – the “good” and the “bad”. All of it is just true – why should we continue with “superior” (good) and inferior (bad) tags when this what nearly killed us?
    I love you all

  3. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Lemn, did you ever get to see your auntie? I would think that she would love to see you.

    Loved how you connected with her in your story.

    Thankyou. 🙂

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