The pilot. September 11th 1972.

My father  in Italy (above) and  on left   celebrating 24 years of Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa. And  below: “The first accident in the airlines 26 year history of schedule flights took the lives of all eleven passengers on board” says the 1972  newsletter which goes on to list the  crew including my father  “First Officer Giday Stefanos”.He was born December 25 1939  and died September 11th 1972.

27 thoughts on “The pilot. September 11th 1972.

  1. Dear Lemn,

    How sadly tragic this news is.
    Your Father was as beautiful looking as one would expect.

    I listened to your incredible story via audible last week, while resting on the island of Kefalonia. It was wonderful to hear your words in your voice and the truths you tell continue resonating deeply within me.
    Thank you Lemn. For giving so much and inspiring me to do what I must for those I love who are also sadly affected by corrupt forces at work in Children’s “services” today
    God bless and keep you safe always.
    One Love, Light & Peace
    Lauri de Melchor

  2. Brilliant pictures of your dad, he would have been so very proud of you, I am sorry that you never met in this life but his blood is your blood, his spirit is your spirit and the story continues

  3. Wow what style…and although you didn’t know him, you’ve inherited those genes … and so lovely to see you exhibiting them so well. Xx

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