Eighteen Hours of Tell Me Something.

Hello.  It’s Eighteen hours since I announced my new site with the following message:  “I invite you to contribute to my new project  “tell me something about family” via a specially created website. Light up the interactive map with a story, phrase or saying about your family.  Once you have done it your light will appear on the map.”In  less than twenty four hours there are entries from America, Canada, Ethiopia, Chad, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, South Africa, Barbados, Italy, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Spain Greece, Kuwait…

Zoom in to any part of the world map to see more …..
Click on a light and look what appears.

The writer and artist Bryony Kimmings put this message on twitter. It’d make a perfect entry.

Will  you to take part  and Tell Me Something about family  .  It is an original (and personal)  idea from myself produced by Brighton Festival. The site is designed by  Baxter and Bailey..

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