Wood End Assessment Centre: Wigan’s secret imprisonment of children

Abuse in childhood is most evident in the internal life of the adult. Many of us went into the care system simply to be cared for only to find ourselves stuck in a kafkaesque nightmare at Wood End.   Read more … Continue reading

Abuse in Oaklands Childrens Home or Wood End Assessment Centre?

I received a message  that began “I’m shaking as I type all this as I haven’t ever discussed with anyone else before.” He wrote his phone number and I called. Immediately. “Do you remember Mr Read more […]

Disappearing Files Abuse.

The scandal tearing through Britain about missing home office files on alleged child abuse rankles. It’s happening to me.  Now NSPCC wants to make covering up chlid abuse,  by hiding files,  a crime.   Read more […]

Let’s not talk about Breastfeeding

Alone that following morning I had my breakfast, got picked up and whisked away in The Chancellors car to The Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield where I spent the day and evening writing an article for a future book on performance poetry. It's all rock and roll eh. Twenty four hours alone in an hotel writing an article called Lost In Action can have an effect. Continue reading

Lucky Hollow

I take the five hour hour journey from one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world to Lilliput. I have two matchsticks holding my eyes open. The moment the car moves skirts off the motorway it is as if I have moved into my past. Memories are everywhere, on every street corner of leigh, this angry little town. It’s the kind of place that people in the cities are barely aware of. But it’s towns like this one that Thatcher was determined to break in the eighties – the mill town and pit towns. My towns. Continue reading