A Global Poetry System of Landmark Poetics.

The greatest  of Landmark Poetics in Britain is by Gwyneth Lewis. Opened in 2004  "In these stones Horizons Sing"   is The Millenium Centre in Wales.  It's uncompromising and contemporary nature Read more [...]

Let There Be Peace and Landmark Poetics in 2014

Today hunting packs of drones  stalk  the skies.  Against a backdrop of World War One commemoration and present-day conflict around   the world, my poem "Let There Be Peace"  will be prominently Read more [...]

Is This the First Cafe In The World Built With a Tweet?

Almost every day I try to find a new way to describe the morning in a Morning Tweet. Today's reads  "Fold night sky fifteen times. Turn Vertical. How to make yourself a fan of the dawn".  I began this Read more [...]