Rafiki film director comes to London.

RAFIKI, is a love story directed by Wanuri Kahiu.  Rafiki was banned in Kenya but after going to court, the ban was lifted for one week in order to be eligible for the Oscars and banned again after Read more [...]

Allegations reaching out on child abuse in Wigan

On February 24th I wrote a blog  Abuse in Oaklands Children’s Home?”.  In it I recall a memory of thirty years  when in Oaklands childrens home a young boy told me he'd been abused. In the blog Read more [...]

Two Extraordinary Women in My World Now: Lebo Mashile & Hannah Pool

I am  lucky to have met some extraordinary women. This is Lebo Mashile. She is a poet, an actress and a TV presenter. Lebo's one of the most famous women in South Africa and one of the most powerful spirits Read more [...]

Day 2. Night and day Live at The Shrine in Harlem

The Shrine’s on  Malcom X blvd in the heart of Harlem.  Umar Bin Hassan  is sat on the island in the middle of the boulevard with Natasha   “Lemn come  sit here man” he says in his gravel voice Read more [...]

Mercy Mercy My Review

The adoptive  mother describes the child whom they'd taken some years earlier from Ethiopia  as having grown into a person  with a wild look in her eyes. It was like seeing an exorcist.  This is immediately Read more [...]

Mercy Mercy Mercy Mercy

Every Ethiopian, Eritrean, American and European who has any interest in race, identity, loss, storytelling, psychology, childhood, religion, nationhood, documentary making,  or intercontinental Read more [...]