Deliverance on BBC Radio 3

Deliverance is the title of our brand new documentary about women. It'll be broadcast on  on BBC radio 3 - Feb 28th. This is how it came about. Some years ago the artist  Kate Daudy captivated me Read more [...]

Skateboarders & Southbank Centre Campaign Resolved.

Common Ground in the Undercroft:  Tonight: Minutes before the launch of  Southbank Towers People and Places exhibition by world famous New York based photographer Steve McCurry    the Undercroft Read more [...]

Clear as Black and White. Two Reasons Exhibit B Must be Banned (or Not)

Sara Myers ( or Sar'z Myers)  has petitioned to ban Exhibit-B from The Barbican because, she says, it is “an exercise in white racial privilege”.  At time of writing Myers has 15,000 press-to-send-protestors: Read more [...]

Civilize You. A brand new poem.

I have a brand new piece of work commissioned by Denys Baptiste for his critically acclaimed  "Now Is The Time...Let Freedom Ring" tour. The photo below was  taken last month at The Queen Elizabeth Read more [...]

2nd Sissay PHD Scholarship announced

I’ve been Doctor Lemn Sissay since 2009 awarded from  University of Huddersfield by  Chancellor Patrick Stewart. The Vice Chancellor Professor Bob Cryan grew up on a council estate which he can see Read more [...]

Spark Catchers: The Matchgirls Festival

The match girls  and women of Bow in East London took strike action and marched  into Trade Union History  125 years ago to the day. They were mainly Irish immigrants.  The first Matchgirls Festival Read more [...]

Highlights of the Week: A room with a view to Ethiopia.

This is a run down of my week. I bump in to Jude Kelly and  Jan Younghusband with my friend Lisa Dwan an international PR for The Onesie at Southbank centre. Jude  takes us up – as ever – to A Room Read more [...]