I  received the first  feedback on SALANDER my installation  at The Roundhouse which opened to the public yesterday.  I asked if I could share and the author gave permission.   Salander  has sold Read more [...]

Picture House Cinema backs The Christmas Dinner #TCD2013

I've just this minute met Leah Byrne of Picture House Cinemas. We met  in Shoreditch House.  Picture House have donated a whole cinema experience for The Christmas Dinner in Manchester as well as additional Read more [...]

#TCD2013 The Christmas Dinner

"Use the twitter hashtag  #TCD2013 for all communications on The Care Leavers  Christmas Dinner in Manchester. Or the poet gets it. I said The poet gets it"     Read more [...]

Salander at The Roundhouse: My public artwork opens Thursday.

Salander my  pubic artwork at The Roundhouse in Camden opens this week. The work within Salander is written by young people in care from London. Fierce.   In Salander experience the performance of reading Read more [...]

The Christmas Dinner needs a chef

I hoped we would get past the halfway mark for The Christmas Dinner and we did. Just click on the link on the right of the chef and you can pledge skills, money, goods or all three. You can write us too Read more [...]

Venue For The Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner is a pop up group of twelve inspired professionals with over one hundred years experience of working with young people in care and care leavers.  We are putting together  The Christmas Read more [...]

The moon is the foster child of the sun

The moon is the foster child of the sun. The sun can't light the darkness of night But the moon can. The moon can. Read more [...]

National Care Leavers Week

Let's be honest. They don't leave care. Care leaves them. Read more [...]

“The Christmas Dinner” in Manchester

The Christmas Dinner  is a pop up organisation of twelve professionals in the North West of England  with over an hundred years experience of working with young people.   We have come together to Read more [...]