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This is the airport.  Up at 7am on a plane to Umea via Malmo.  The picture is from the airport. Back in London today Rankin launches his exhibition at The South Bank,  outside the royal festival hall. I wish I was there. Linton Kwesi Johnson is there. I am one of subjects of this photographic exhibition.  You can see it here.  Click.  Look forward to seeing it when I get back.

Tonight I’ll be performing Something Dark my one man show, for the last time EVER. I will never perform it again. After three years, three whole years of taking it around the world, from Zimbabwe  to Cornwall from Holland to Hull, finally it’s over. I wrote the play to give the back story to my career as poet and essentially about the unending search for my family. The last line of the play is thus: Secrets are the stones that sink the boat,  Take them out look at them, throw them out, and float.  

This performance was the most beautiful. The  audience gave  a standing ovation and I can not tell you what a high I’m on. Afterwards I went to News café and did a radio interview. News is the number one vegan resteraunt in Umea.  I ordered a steak Rare – it was cooked to perfection and accompanied with hazelnuts and mushrooms in butter – glorious. The weather is so cold but beautiful. Umea is Swedens centre of theatre and I met someone from the board of directors of Sweden National Theatre. The gig was very very very special. Though I know it is the final performance I may still be open to international gigs. Who knows.

Meanwhile I must get back to England to finish writing the morcambe piece.

3 thoughts on “Sweden Umea

  1. Secrets are the stones that sink the boat,
    Take them out look at them, throw them out, and float.

    I'm sorry I missed your play in Vancouver, by the time I saw your interview it was too late. I think those lines are very profound. As a survivor of sexual abuse it was keeping everything a secret which nearly killed me ~ letting go has left me freer to live my own life.
    Is your play published? It would be wonderful to read it.

  2. Vancouver was electric. Wish you'd been there both at the literature festival event as well as the Somethig Dark performance. Maybe I will be back there who knows? Thanks for your kind message. The play isn't published but may well be in the future.

  3. I've been trough a similar situation to Jojoray's and indeed letting go helped me “float” again. I would really like to read your play too.

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