Why I don't Hate White People.

If you work from the left three pictures down you might ask yourself then, who is that idiot with his hands over his mouth. Maybe he needs dental work.  The pictures are by one of britains top photographers, Rankin.  The Wheel you can see is called The London Eye and the pictures are at The Royal Festival Hall.

Later that morning I  Met kate McGrath of The Lyric in Hammersmith, John Mcgrath of Contact Theatre in Manchester and Gil Lloyd of Artsadmin.  We were all meeting to discuss “Why I don't Hate White People” – it's the working title of a piece I am writing for The Lyric, John is directing the piece.  The meeting begins at ten and ends at about one thirty.  All is good, the commission is on. Very exciting.

It is pretty special to be able to use the south Bank as a meeting place. All three of those people around  are highly respected in their fields. Meeting at the South Bank matters.  The palce is  central and sticky with art. Finally I meet with Gil Lloyd. I am associate artist at artsadmin  and in that capacity Gil Lloyd is supporting me through some projects – this is one of them. I'm writing a commission by Lyric for the beginnings (first twenty to thirty minutes) of a one man/stand up/theatrical comedy to be directed by John McGrath written and acted by myself.  We sorted out the details – it's on in November at the Lyric and the working title is “Why I don't hate White People”.

As we finish our meeting two brothers are  looking at me from the walkway.  It's David Akinsanya ( a tv producer and friend)  and his colleague. I'd forgotten about the interview but it is all good and I am where I said I would be.  He whips out his camera and I am interviewed in front of The Royal Festival Hall as part of a project for a company called A National Voice. The whole piece is interviewing people who have been in care and made some sort of success of their life.  “what is success to you?”, I was asked. And my answer in  paraphrase  was “success is  the ability to look in the mirror and say “you're okay”


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