Journey to the end of the earth.

Spend morning in writing and then bike to South Bank to meet Claire Grove who works at BBC World Service and drama centre , Bush House just across  The Thames.    I haven’t seen Claire for fifteen years and she looks younger than she did then. Strange, but true. Claire is a producer at BBC Radio Drama.

She has just finished producing and directing To Sir with Love by ER Braithwaite
broadcast on Sunday.  We catch up and the intervening years seem to fade away and radiate. Starring in Claire’s version of  To Sir With love on radio 4 is Kwame
. The film was brought out in 1967 the year of my birth but the book was written
and published in the late fifties.  Claire has used the book as her inspiration and retells me the story of her meeting ER Braithwaite who famously despised the film. Though show is on Sunday and in two parts. Click here.  After an hour or two of warm conversation and laughs Claire bikes off back across the Thames.

In her house the residents burst into music at any given time, bass player, guitarist
drummer  and singers all. It sounds like a blast. I finish the day in the admin office  and bike home to continue .   This weeks blogs might be a bit boring for you I think, cause I am writing them retrospectively and trying to pick up the bits and place them back together. Imagine watching someone doing a jig saw never as good as seeing the final picture – for that I apologise. As the jigsaw piece placer I am totally involved.  

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