The Score

Christmas is a  concertina of memories of Christmas’s past. Each one a note forming a concerto to be performed on the day. Each note is made of the hundreds of thousands of sounds.  Each individual within the family makes these sounds to form the notes – Family  is the collective name of The Score.  And Christams is when the score is played.

I drink to you. This is your chance to shine, to walk on or through the stage of your own
past and perform.   Sing out of tune, sing in tune, elevate the music with your voice, Scream if you like,  prepare for your solo, become part of the climactic chorus, see yourself as the baritone deep and real or the soprano high and flying above it all, walk onto the stage amongst the noise and tear down the set if you like.  Choose any of these
things and more.  Sing out! You will.

Whatever you do do not let it be, do not even imagine, a concertina of silence

1 thought on “The Score

  1. Just so as not to leave silence – happy xmas, happy boxing day, happy day after boxing day and so on…It's unlikely (and to be honest not really desirable) that they all be happy (it might get predictable)…but you have to aim for optimism, right?

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