A couple of weeks ago  I received the details that I needed from Cal State University Los Angeles for the US embassy in London. I am travelling on 4th and needed details for my visa.  “28th December is the first date for your meeting” said the woman sternly on the
telephone at the embassy.  “28th” I exclaimed “28th” she replied.

So I got on my bike on 28th and rode to Mayfair,  to the US Embassy clutching a folder of
forms justifying who I was where I was going and why I was going there.  I  sat inside the embassy and waited for my number to be called via a computer screen.  I was sat in one of the most threatened places in the United Kingdom. 

My number was up and the visa interview was over in minutes, after a pleasant conversation with the immigration officer about what a writer in residence actually does.  It makes me realise how much I love what I do when I find myself passionately  explaining it through reinforced glass to an american woman.  The interview ends and I  then stand
in line for SMS Secure Mail Services.   My  passport and visa  will be  delivered to my home address via SMS for which I must pay.

“five days sir” said the teller.  It’ll be five days before I get my visa from SMS. “five days” she says again.  My flight leaves on 4th January. I pay for my visa to arrive before 10am .
It all seems possible, except new years eve and new years day and Saturday and Sunday
are not counted as working days.  If I don’t get my visa on 2nd or 3rd of  January I miss my flight on 4th.  It’s all a little tight.  A little against the wire.


3 thoughts on “US EMBASSY LONDON

  1. Hope you got your visa alright. Have a great trip and don't forget to keep us all uptodate in your blog!
    I'm off to Ethiopia again on 16th for a week by the way and should be going there every month until April.
    Oh yes, Happy New Year Lemn!

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