South Bank of The Thames

I spend alot of time at The Southbank arts centre where I am artist in residence. It doesn’t reflect in my blog as much as it could  how much time I spend there. Maybe it should cause it is an integral part of my artistic life.  

I met the interns who will  research and collect the poetry  that has been in the South Bank throughout the first year of my  residency. At any given point there are artists working at The South Bank:  Nick Cave could be on at the royal festival hall while a concerto is on in the Purcell  which uses The Tempest as its inspiration while Zaidi Smith is reading from her books in The Ballroom. All three of these would qualify because  Shakespeare, Nick Cave and  Zaidi Smith all have poetry in their work.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. The finance worker who writes poems, The Poetry Library
which gets every copy of every book of poetry published in England,   the security guard who writes poetry: all of these qualify for the long list.  What the interns will do is identify the   poems at the point of the artists interaction with the south bank in 07 and 08. I’ll
be alongside them throughout and then will edit the book. It’s a celebration of poetry since the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall.

After meeting the interns all of the artists in residence at The South Bank, dancers,
poets singers, beat boxers, folk musicians, met with Jude Kelly who is the artistic
director of The South Bank. Jude suggests we should do it again, meet up,   and we will in two weeks time. Later on I met the incredible woman that is Mary King director of Voicelab
had a drink of water  at The British Film Institute and biked through sunset along the canal  home.   

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