2 thoughts on “Change Is Gonna Come

  1. Lemn, just wanted to say you make me feel that change is not only possible but it's essential, positive change that is! Like the un-ravelling of beliefs that are wrapped so tight like a binding sheet.
    Thank you for posting this song on a momentous day. Eloquent response.
    D'arby's version is beautiful! What a voice, soulful and souring.
    By the way, I went into Broadway Books t'other day, to get 'The Listener', but wasn't stocked, it's now been ordered. I pointed out that you live locally and cycle through the Broadway on your way to your artist in residence post at South Bank.
    So what did I buy instead? Rilke's letters to a young poet. So I left the shop with some treasure after all.
    All the best Lemn, Amira.

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