The Show Tonight

I went to The Southbank Centre today, to talk music development with Gillian Moore  and a few hours later  travelled to The Hammersmith Lyric to get on with the show.  The show  as you will know if you have read recent blogs is called  Why I Don’t Hate White People and  is at The Hammersmith Lyric.  

I give myself five out of ten for the performance tonight.   The show is highly dependant on my getting everything right, remembering every line. There’s nothing worse than an audience wondering what the performer is doing cause the performer has lost himself. I can't afford to get it wrong again, and should like last night enjoy myself.  

It is a difficult show to do. It has difficult subject matter and if not done to perfection  can leave an audience feeling discombobulated  to say the least.   But if done well it's a dream.  The director has gone now and I am on my own with the stage manager. each night.  Tomorrow I shall get there early and run through the piece before I perform it for the Friday night audience.

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