The Nationl Portrait Gallery and Channel Four

 Spent the entire afternoon at the Southbank Artist in residence office too, loving it. Someone told me today that there's a picture of yours truly in The Nationl Portrait gallery.  The actual pic is not up on their website yet (in case you clicked that link). Today a poem of mine read by myself with musicians Gary Crosby and Peter Edwards was broadcast on Channel four in a short film I made called What if.   It was broadcast as part of Darwin Originals through Channel Fours Three Minute Wonder Series. Been searching for it online but can't find it and didn't see it when it was broadcast to the nation  cause I was on stage at the Lyric. The show doesn't go out on on Sunday so today is my first day back and I think I'm a bit  bamboozled so not too pleased with my performance (as an actor) tonight. I give myself five outta ten though the audience seemied to enjoy it.  But throughout the  rest of the final week of this run it  is going to be brilliant. Tomorrow night is sold out i am told.  

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