Morganics and the blade

After dropping by The Vancouver Festival office I head to the hotel and Morganics calls. He just got in from  Australia via LA. We have a solid mutual friend in Benji Read. Morganics is one of the worlds leading exponents in Hip Hop Theatre and he’s doing a workshop in Vancouver tonight. We meet in the lobby at about 7pm and catch a ferry off the island into the city proper.

The city lights stretch on the water like guardian sirens. We hang out, get a pizza,
it’s the perfect introduction to both Morganics and Vancouver. He leaves for
his workshop and I leave to come back on the four person ferry at the hotel.
. Life is good.

Going through my toiletry bag in the room my thumb slides across the five blades of my Gillete sensor which slice me  right down to the nerve endings. A plume of blood engulfs my thumb. It doesn’t stop. I run it through the cold water. It stings in the strangest way. The nerve endings are panicking. I rush downstairs to reception for antesepctic wipes and plasters.

The smell of the witch hazel transports me  back to childhood. My foster mother was a nurse and always had antispectic wipes for grazed knees.  She was never more in her element. The pain in my thumb is really bad but under the anteseptic it peaks sharply  then  the blood flow wains and the healing begins.

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