Global Poetry Systems (GPS)

Wake at seven. On bike at 8am and arrive at Southbank Centre at 9am to meet Nathan
a photographer whom I accompanied to the arctic a few months ago.   He has a startling  idea for a photograph.  We walk around the Southbank centre engaging
with the architecture to see where he would take the shot and we have breakfast: Eggs Benedict. Time with Nathan flies.

At 11am I meet  the GPS people. GPS is Global Poetry Systems an idea that has risen from my residency through the skilful hands of Lucy macnab.  A group of eight literature workers from around the country  are seeding the project, piloting it with Lucy of the Southbank’s  dynamic and art centred Learning and Participation team.   I introduce how the project came about and what it means to me. 

After lunch at 3pm I cycle back to Hackney to my favourite cafe on Broadway Market La Bouche where I meet Corinne Pyke a dynamic arts officer at Hackney my borough council. We talk about old Manchester friends and about public art in east London. It is an
extremely productive meeting and I am kicking myself for not having a pen and

At 5.30pm we walk gently back through London fields park and wave goodbye at The Town Hall. She is a good person,  strong and with clear direction. It is something I think about on a weekly basis, public art and particularly  Poems as Landmarks in
hackney. The last one I did was unveiled by Bishop Desmond Tutu  in The City.

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