Only When I Dance.

I haven’t to date talked in the blog about books I read or my creative process. It’s extremely private to me.    I am never without a book nor notepad to jot ideas down.  This blog  can be flawed in its grammar and spelling. I am trying to rectify this. That it is immediate is no excuse for difficult prose.   The blog will improve but you may find from
time to time that I simply don’t make sense, especially in terms of tenses.   Got to
make sense with my tense

To the present batman: I had a great meeting today at the Southbank centre with  the  web developers of  GPS,  Global Poetry Systems,   which is a national and international project coming from my residency. It is primarily a web map to identify information about poetry on our streets whether poetry in the physical landscape or in the landscape of mind. It shall be launched later this year.

Later on in the day at Southbank centre I speak to old friend Nikki Parrot a film producer who is off to The Tribeca Film Festival in New York to see her film Only When I Dance.
The New York Times sites  “Only When I Dance,” as “representative of Tribeca’s more upbeat side. The movie, in competition for best documentary, follows the career ambitions of two young talented ballet dancers, a boy and a girl, from poor neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro as they compete in Lausanne and finally in New York City.”

receive a call from my agent for an interview on the  budget for Sky TV tomorrow  which I can’t do cause ‘ll be in Galway.  I am off to New York for a few days on May 1st. Nikki will be there at the same time.  We may meet while she is out there.  Later on in the evening I chat again with Nikki on the phone. Her company Tigerlillyfilms once made a three minute short film for channel  four  of my  poem called The Elevator which includes actors Gary Lewis and Asher D. Asher D is one of the most fascinating actors in Britain today.   It’s been a good day if a little quiet. Hehe.

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