She Throws Books Through Windows

I watch The Big Questions on BBC television. They are discussing trans racial adoption. Earlier on in the week they asked me to take part to which I declined.   From what I can see I made the right choice.  They are still debating but  agreeing on the merits of colour blindness in terms of race.  But colour blindness is a deficiency of the ability to see colour.  It indicates a saddening  truth much ignored that a deficiency  is described as a solution to a need. Can't anyone see!

I received  a facebook message today. It is from a   white woman in Manchester who shall be fostering children in  short term placements specifically to give families in crisis  short breaks.  She has thought long and hard about having children of other races and believes that this short term respite is admissable for children of any culture. And I agree with her.  She told me about a child she fostered for a short time in Western Australia I quote

“I lived in Western Australia for a while and worked with an Aboriginal
girl , she was adopted by a white middle class couple having been
removed from her township. I recall her telling me that for the whole
15 yrs she was with them she refusf to have any glass in the
windowframes, she couldnt sleep if there was anything between her and
the stars. Curtains were removed and the glass too…the parents gave
up replacing it in the end. Imagine , a 5 year old girl breaking
windows with her books …over and over, regardless of the punishment
to find her very own Dreamtime.”

Tonight is the last night you will be able to hear my documentary Child of The State  on BBC Radio. 

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