Internal Fights and Internal Flights.

Today is September the 11th.. It is the anniversary of the plane crash. The co-pilot was my father and he died along with everyone else on the flight. It was 1972. Today is also a great celebration. It is New Years Day in Ethiopia. It is also new Years Day in Eritrea. They live by the Gregorian calendar. The plane crashed in the Ethiopian mountains on its way to Eritrea.

Today is September 11th . It is the anniversary of the plane crashes when people around the world remember those who died in 2001. Today is also Eid. Eid is the end of the fasting month of Ramadan: and a great celebration for the muslim faith. The planes crashed in Manhattan, New York where my mother lives. Nothing can be done to change any of these facts. Each is a part of my life and none are a contradiction. The beauty of living is that the change is in us.

1 thought on “Internal Fights and Internal Flights.

  1. Arms to embrace, eyes to shed tears, heart to eject life to the arms and eyes – that's how the soul prospers!
    Thanks for sharing those pics on FB. Yes, Brother Lemn dinew -why is it? I see you've learned to Just Embrace the question, so thanks for sharing the embrace.

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