Gold I tell you. Gold.

It's the beginning of Summer here in Johannesburg. Everyone is Walking on Sunshine. Heat is a highlight of the week and The City of Gold is gen-er-a-ting at an average of 27 delightful de-wonderful de-incredible Degrees.

I had lunch with Judi Nwokedi and her friends. The pictures – on facebook – say it all. I didn’t know anyone at the meal and barely know Judi. She saw my play the last time in Johannesburg and this time too and saw fit to invite me. She is warm spirited and fierce – fierce in the good way – and she’s in the newspaper on the day we eat which is kinda cool. There's more to say but in I will in future.

The day after I met my friend from London, artist Whitney McVeigh who is here and experiencing Africa for the first time through an arts project in the countryside a couple of hours out of The City of Gold and owned by an extremely wealthy arts philanthropist/protagonist who also owns a whole part of the Johannesburg visual arts scene.

But back to the dinner table with Judi's people which is all the arts scene anyone would want. An electiric discussion ignites the table. We were speaking about the cuts in the arts in England and a guy who I think was a lawyer said, with a wily eye, of economy and politics “you must remember The Golden rule” there was a pause we were all waiting for it “those with the gold make the rules.”.

The purest highlight of the week of this week? The people: fierce, wise, skillful, hilarious, witty, cosmopolitan, political, sharp and ready, deep and happy to be shallow when it calls for it – underestimate south africa and South Africans an you illuminate your own lack of skills. I have allot to share here and allot to learn here.

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