22nd: Afternoon's sea salt on the Evening shoals

At about 2pm I drive to Melville, to wish café, for an interview with Beeld the Afrikaans language newspaper with theatre critic Kobus Burger. Is this your local” he says . “Not really” I reply and then the waitress says to me “your usual”.

He tells me the review in Beeld went in on Thursday. He has the piece online and then translates the interview and it turns out to be one of the most astounding reviews of the run. “If there is one event you see this year it must be this one”

IN early to late afternoon I drive to Rosebank and buy food for evening. I buy spare ribs, bratwurst, salad, peppers, tomatoes cucumber, fresh bread, angel cake and Afrikaner sweets – can’t remember their name but the y are like Indian sweets. From 6pm I am cooking in HOughton.

The Academic Abebe and his fantastic friend Rachel who knows everything and everyone plus macus, alex and mwali from new Deal of The Mind. They are loving Africa and I am proud that they are experiencing it so well and that my contacts have been so fruitful.

I lay the table and at 9pm we are all eating. The food goes down a storm and all is well. Abebe and Rachel leave for home and we four chat until midnight. I suggest we walk out upon the balcony and watch the full moon and the spray of stars. A child in a workshop said to me once “night time is like a shoal of black fish sprinkled with sea salt”.

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