Superheroes and The Sea: two projects begin.

It was a meeting at Metal in Southend On Sea where I came up with the idea of a Literature Festival of The Sea. Jude Kelly came up with the name Shorelines, The World’s First Literature Festival of The Sea and Colette Bailley Metal's managing director produced the festival curated with Rachel Lichtenstein and myself. None of it would be possible without Southend On Sea Borough Council. Shorelines takes place from 15th to 17th July. All the sources to these rivers flow from Jude Kelly.

On Monday 22nd May it’s the beginning of another project – The Superheroes Project – launched by the magnificent Michael Rosen. Superheroes is a three month creative expedition for young people in care from Ealing in West London invented and curated by myself . With a good budget I’ve got some great people who’ll give the best service and all the work created will become a book produced by Katie Waldegrave of First Story and all the young people will receive book packages from The Letterbox Club.

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