Why I Blog.

It's part of what it is to be human. It's central to Darwin's Origin of Species, The Theory of Evolution, the nature of family. Everyone's a self promoter. The child promotes it's needs to parents and parents promote their importance to the child. The rules of self promotion are set out at the beginning from he act of conception, the cry of a new born, the naming of the child through the the long disputed memories that make up the nature of family over a lifetime, self promotion is the purpose of family life.

Family is just one big PR company where everyone takes minutes and each has their own filing system to record events. They have a lifetime of board meetings, strategy meetings, campaigns and reviews. They share and sometimes steal each others ideas. Each writes the narrative for every campaign and confusingly, for them besides being a PR company they are also its target audience. Memory is a pretty dynamic tool of self promotion within the structure of family. It's all relative. Whose memory will most family members agree upon? It’s all about PR baby.

And sometimes the company falls apart, or seems to. As a child of the state with no family in the past and virtually none in the present I know how important memory is and this is the sole reason I blog. As a child they tried to steal my memory. They tried to wipe it clean. It was most unnatural. So now I guard against the fact that I may not exist. After all, family is just a group of people proving to each other that they exist. If no-one read a word I wrote I would still blog. Because in lieu of family, of that inglorious wonderful clearing ground of disputed memories stretched over a lifetime of that determinate cell splitting group, in lieu of that, here is something that happened. You can call this “self promotion” if you like.

2 thoughts on “Why I Blog.

  1. Interesting post. I've never thought of a family in that way but it makes sense. I recently launched http://www.whyiblog.com where bloggers share why they blog and I would love for you to post something because people would be very interesting in what you have to say. Keep it up

  2. Thanks Kelly. It seems there are no comments in my blog but there are many. They are routed through to my facebook stage. But many hated this blog because they deemed it self promoting in the traditional sense. They missed the point entirely.

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