Winning Words on The Horizon.

Today on National Poetry Day  a child is about to win  one of the biggest young peoples poetry prizes in the country. The winning  poem came from The Superheroes Project which I run for young people in care. My friend and colleague Caroline Bird gave the workshop that delivered the winning poem.  Caroline also came up with the idea of sending the poems  to competitions. She’s an inspiring workshop leader and writer.

The Superheroes Project is for young people in care and a book of their work will be published later in the year by first story.  But the winning writer will not  associate with being in care. The shame and the guilt.   I wish I could help him to know there is nothing to feel shame and guilt about being in care. Because he shouldn’t have to carry that.   The last two lines of a play I wrote is for adults who give children secrets to carry their whole lives

Secrets are the stones that sink the boat/take them out look at them throw them out  and float.

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