Highlights of The Week

Thanks for looking at this. I write highlights for the record so they’re not the  most engaging reading.   Monday. The Imagine Festival at Southbank Centre (Europe’s largest combined arts centre and my second home)  has a feature strand on young people in care. This first event is called I’m Not Like Tracey Beaker. The speakers are  Flourish and Young Minds, The deputy Children’s Commissioner and myself.  It’s sold out. It’s beautiful and powerful.  Wednesday. I’m at  Curzon cinema in Soho. I’m being interviewed on stage with the stars and director of a cracking film called  We Are Poets – due out in April.

Friday:  The jewel in the crown of my work for young people in care at The Imagine Festival is today’s event. There’s an audience of six hundred. I should be on stage but I’m at home on the edge of tears.  I thought it was at night.  It was at  noon. I write a blog  of apology. I tweet. I facebook. I write personally to all the participants and organisers. I am mortified.  Sunday 11am I cycle to BBC London  for an  interview with Jeni Barnet. It’s one of the best. Then to Southbank Centre to see the Trial of Dennis the Menace written by friend Caroine Bird.  It’s great.  At 5pm I  give  a talk to sold out audience  for Imagine Children’s Festival.  It’s called From Pip To Potter.  Earlier this week I become patron of The Reader Organisation.

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