The Locksmith, The Safe and Wembley Stadium

photo 2I walk past the clever artwork of  “Levy Safe Co and Locksmiths” on Bethnal Green Road every week on my way to Shoreditch House. Tuesday was no different except the safe had an olive tree growing out of it.  An olive tree?   So I stuck my head into the shop and asked “Is that tree new or have I just not noticed it before”?   A Bald head with raised eyebrows popped up behind a wall of junk “Yes it is new!”  he said. I told him I was just passing by and it caught my eye. He looked at me askance and sized me up. “know where that safe’s from?” he said  and then he disappeared behind his counter “hold on” he said “hold on”. And then he appeared “Aha there it is”

He held up an enlarged photograph on photoboard. “Wembley Stphoto 1adium!” he continued “The safe’s from the old Wembley stadium before they rebuilt it…and who’s that?” he said. I leaned in to the  photo of the most famous football pitch on earth.  “It’s you!” I said. He’s proud.

Today is less than 24 hours since my chance meeting with Bruno. And today The FA Cup have have released “Every Game’s An Adventure”. It’s a short film which includes an extract of a poem.  Here’s a question: Where is The Final of the FA Cup held?  And who wrote the poem?


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