“Something Dark” on the National Syllabus.

After a sell out tour of Gold From The Stone I am proud to share the news that Something Dark will be published by Oberon books. Something Dark will be included on the national Syllabus.

A dramatic reading at Orange Tree Theatre in 2017 led to the idea of an Autumn/Winter tour. If you would like to see Something Dark at your local theatre contact us. Details below

31 thoughts on ““Something Dark” on the National Syllabus.

  1. Fantastic Lemn; congratulations. Will you be performing in Manchester? Would love to see this.
    All the best, you’ve come a ong way.
    Dorli x

  2. Happy St Davids day! Congratulations on the success of the show. Cardiff? or anywhere in south Wales would be incredible.We need you here. ✌

    • I contacted the new arts/theatre Storyhouse and asked if they would contact you. Their first production is next month. I’ll try again tomorrow. Julie

  3. Hi Lemn Great to hear you’d consider The Community Space, Keynsham near Bristol. Should I make contact with Nick Wake to discuss ? I hosted the English premiere of Love Thy Nature film there last summer with director Sylvie Rokab as guest speaker from LA (full house). The venue is gold too ! (will post to show on FB )

  4. What A levels syllabus is this Lemn? The one I have written? After the way you erased me from the fact that I first organised for iSomething Dark to be published in 2008 and then when we agreed that it would have an Introduction as a single edition in 2017, remove it without the courtesy of even contacting me….it makes me sad to know that you could be so unscrupulous to people who have fought to decolonise the curricula. You need to realise that education is a collective endeavour. It is not a good idea to treat your (now former) champion like this, especially as one of the only people to write about your work critically and teach it.

    • Deirdre,

      After many years after writing and performing Something Dark around the world you requested to publish “Something Dark” in Hidden Gems (2008). It is a deeply personal play about my life. I gave you permission with gratitude. Your written introduction is not wedded to my play, was not written when I perform my play and was not thought about when I wrote it. It is part of your collection. It is your view. It is your perspective. It is not an authority on my life. The play is about my life.

      Oberon approached me to publish my play in a single edition. And I agreed. I did not agree to your introduction. I did not write an introduction myself. I did not say that Oberon should publish the play with your introduction. And I did not say to you that the play should be published with your introduction.

      If the play wanted an introduction I’d have written one. I am a writer Dierdre and it would be pompous to assume that a) I agree with your introduction. b) it is wedded to the play.

      To call me unscrupulous is to misunderstand the nature of this play and what it is about. But if you need to call me names then there is not much I can do about it. Colonialism is all about a majority controlling the narrative of a minority. I could be wrong. But my writing speaks for itself.

      Deirdre I haven’t the time to argue the points about your narrative with which I either disagree with or feel slighted by. I realise “education is a collective endeavour.”. I see that you are telling me I have lost a champion. I didn’t ask for one.

      • Dear Lemn,
        Thank-you for your detailed response. Your blog was the only way in which you could be contacted to get a reply.

        Oberon books told me something entirely different to what you state. The Introduction was needed for students to have the play put into context- whoever ended up writing it. It was the case with all of the other writers. I am not slighting you in objecting to the way this was reversed without the courtesy of any explanation.
        I am in the legions of people moved by your deeply personal play, in valuing your poetry, and in trying to enable as many people around the world to have knowledge of it as I can within my limited capacity. This is part of decolonising the curricula, it is not colonialism. It is a commitment to facing the consequences of the British empire that still influence society.
        II wish you well in your life’s path, as I always have. Perhaps this blog exchange should be removed for it is the content of the missing email discussion that should have been had. And as I said, this blog was the only recourse left to getting a response.

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