“Something Dark” on the National Syllabus.

After a sell out tour of Gold From The Stone I am proud to share the news that Something Dark will be published by Oberon books. Something Dark will be included on the national Syllabus.

A dramatic reading at Orange Tree Theatre in 2017 led to the idea of an Autumn/Winter tour. If you would like to see Something Dark at your local theatre contact us. Details below

25 thoughts on ““Something Dark” on the National Syllabus.

  1. Fantastic Lemn; congratulations. Will you be performing in Manchester? Would love to see this.
    All the best, you’ve come a ong way.
    Dorli x

  2. Happy St Davids day! Congratulations on the success of the show. Cardiff? or anywhere in south Wales would be incredible.We need you here. ✌

    • I contacted the new arts/theatre Storyhouse and asked if they would contact you. Their first production is next month. I’ll try again tomorrow. Julie

  3. Hi Lemn Great to hear you’d consider The Community Space, Keynsham near Bristol. Should I make contact with Nick Wake to discuss ? I hosted the English premiere of Love Thy Nature film there last summer with director Sylvie Rokab as guest speaker from LA (full house). The venue is gold too ! (will post to show on FB )

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