If you don’t know about this “once in a generation opportunity” you should!

I wanted much more from the launch of  “independent review for children’s social care’ in  England. The dispatch has been duly noted by interested parties such as the multi million pound business The Fostering Network but  I wanted the launch to be much louder. Do you hear me? MUCH LOUDER.

Unlike the Independent Care Review in Scotland  launched by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon the English equivalent was  announced on Friday by Secretary of State for education Gavin Williamson.  Have we missed  a golden opportunity  to Marcus Rashford  this “once in a generation” independent review for children’s  social care?   The statement on a  Friday, so we could all have a weekend to forget about it, had all the fanfare of tumbleweed on the main street of a deserted town.

There is good news though. Josh MacAlister (33) is heading the independent review of children’s social care.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity and if we get it right we will be able to set out  a future plan which can better guarantee safety, stability and love for children growing up in England”   – Josh McAlister

MacAlister’s experience matched with his age make him an inspired  candidate to head the review.  I mean it.   I  hope he can deliver a  stronger clearer message when the independent review begins in March. There is still time. Everyone should know about this review. EVERYONE.  I  want Joe Public,  the people who watch Gogglebox, to sit up:   social workers, fostering networks, children in care, adults who have been in care and families!

Independent Care review for England begins March 2021. You can take part in the review and have your say  by clicking on the links in Josh MacAlister’s Tweet

6 thoughts on “If you don’t know about this “once in a generation opportunity” you should!

  1. You total fraud. Last week you were criticising the review.

    You’re an entertainer and no one in the CEP Community listens to you. Bored of you being the voice of care community bored bored bored seeing you…

  2. Thanks Lemn for your balanced, and humane comments here.

    There are many illuminating voices and I’m grateful for all of them. Your voice is irreplaceable. Please post more often

  3. Thanks Lemn. As you say, we’re being asked so let’s embrace the opportunity to answer on how to improve experiences, outlooks and outcomes for children and young people who are in care / leaving care. Therefore, I’ve shared my advice, registered for updates and started the process of encouraging my network to do the same. All the best, Paul

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