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I got on my bike today. I biked it to the BBC studios near Oxford Circus. I’m chuffed to bits with myself.  It took an hour to get there – a little longer than expected. I went the wrong way down the wrong canal – the opposite direction –  on the wrong side. Story of my life.  

But it ain’t where you go. It’s where you are at. Right? After taking the right canal – the regents canal – via Guardian reading Broadway Market I finally got to Islington  off the canal and lunged into the metropolis,  down the pentonville road to kings cross and
then down to Portland street BBC and recorded for Fridays BBC  radio 4 documentary “Terminates here”. It’s on every day this week at 3.45. 

My pic is on Radio Fours front page for an entirely  different show altogether called 28 acts in 28 minutes or something. I’m on it for one minute precisely.  I’ll be on Saturday live 9am BBC Radio 4 too.

It’s quite a radio week.  

After the recording I got back on my bike and dodged taxis.   Missed a call from The Guardian today. Apparently  some poetry turned up by the guy who is running for president of America  and they wanted some comment.  He wrote it when he was nineteen.  I was on the telephone ( when they called) doing an interview for a book about African Theatre. 

Yesterday radio was eclipsed by an half hour TV doc on slavery which I presented on Granada North West. I didn’t see it myself.  This all seems very happening doesn’t it. Maybe it seems like I think it’s all very happening.  Maybe you think that I think that I’m a really happening guy.  Maybe you think that I think that you think that I think I am a very happening guy.

But I’ll tell you something. I’m happy to have done the bike ride that’s what stays in  mind. Depression is debilitating and makes it so that you can’t see the wood for the trees.   But doing things that break habits of negative thought really makes a  difference. Not seeing the wood for the trees is an optical illusion like the two faces and the vase.   

3 thoughts on “Get on your Bike

  1. Hi Lemn, its not where you go or even where youve been.Maybee you are a happening guy but you dont want to be seen as a happening guy, but if you werent a happening guy you might want to be one.If you werent a happening guy then maybee i wouldnt be writing this. So as long as you are a nice happening guy theres nothing to be concerned about.Im a very ,very happening guy at the moment with my wife, 2 kids,2 dogs and ten puppies living in a two up two down.
    We are all happening in different ways i suppose.
    Thats were im at and its good, keep up the good work James.

  2. Hi James, Cheers for the message. I'll keep on blogging. I wonder whether I should say the things I say in the blog but I think it's good to be honest. It probably reads depressing at times but there are some funny blogs…. honest. All the best

  3. Hi Lemn,
    I do understand what youre saying, sometimes when you say what you think, others use it against you. I for one respect you for you full out honesty, the blogs wouldnt be as real if you werent so honest.If only we could always be as true as we are to the ones closest to us, without any comeback what a great place we would be in.Im sorry but ill blog you to death this week as im confined to the house with the ten ones.Keep blogging if you can, James

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