On Stage in Vancouver

Morganics and I are kicking back at The Granville Island Market taking  morning coffee but most of all taking it easy.  There’s every kind of  food here.  The  cafe’s stalls  are steaming  with  freshly made Roti or Bison Burgers. In a glass facade a  gloopy chocolate fountain spills its  allure behind us. It has to be organic chocolate in this place..  It’s a rosey  reflection on Canada but I like it.

the day spills out and night pours in seven oclock comes around kinda easy.  We’ve done with the rehearsals and backstage are the musicians keyboards, drums, sax, trumpet,
percussion, bass, guitar. Seven musicians will accompany the four poets, Kinnie Star, Reggie Cabico, Morganics and myself representing First nation Canada, US, Australia and UK.

The delectable and powerful woman that is Vannessa Richards is host of the evening entitled Spoken World.  The band strikes out and Kinnie  Star weaves her magic.
The house is packed and the audience are loving it. We, the artists,  all get along but here is where we cash the paycheck. Are we worth it. This is where we get to show are wares, to show what we are really about, to each other.

The gig is the bomb and I feel lucky to have seen some originals tonight and that is all I ask for in an artist. Show me something I haven’t seen before.

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