Installations, Rime’s and Budgetary considerations…

Southbank centre:  At 3pm I meet artist Lucy Harrison in The Poetry Library on the fifth floor of The Royal Festival hall. Lucy  has made an installation from the book of poems collated as part of my residency.  Hers is a video installation of the first lines of the poems.  It’s incredible. I am not going to try and explain it here. You must go see it if you can.

At 3.45pm I meet with Becky Shaw the artist in residence liason.  Becky is good people. From the security guard to the head of contemporary arts being at The Southbank centre  is being around good people united by art.  As Becky is on a budgetary mission – the end
of the financial year is nigh –  I think it is time I wrote a summary of some of my residency highlights. 

As Southbank centre artist in residence I have given approximately seventy  thousand pounds to new and/or developing artists. It is an easy fact to miss but it  should be a
point of record. Budgets can be blinkered centering on ticket sales and footfall.  As a poet ticket sales are not the best way to financially account for my work here.

At 5pm I meet Andrew Steggall on the fifthe floor of the royal festival hall. He’s   the
director from The New Vic  who is working with the Southbank centre on  Rime of The
Ancient Mariner a big showing on July 4th.  I also have the pleasure of meeting  Bellowhead, once again, good people.   When I say “good people” I don’t mean nice
people. That they are “nice people” is a bonus. What I mean is that they are
the best at what they do.

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