Highlights of The Week: The Week That Was

Stuff that happened this week! Though I stopped smoking for six months I started over Christmas but stopped again on 2nd January and haven’t had one since. I attend my office each day at Southbank centre, jog each morning and cycle twelve miles each day. I sleep five hours per night.

I stood in the middle of the road to stop a bus that clearly intended on ignoring my outstretched arm. I forced it to stop and after a surreal exchange of glare the driver motioned that he would pull over to the pavement. I won. Yes. So I moved. He drove on. Bastard.

Trafalgar Square. I read a poem for Students and Workers United Against the Cuts who marched on Whitehall. It was pouring with rain, the PA was broke, whereupon I was sold a dripping wet socialist worker and told to shout my poem.

The journalist, a few friends and I went to Addis restaurant in Kings Cross. Throughout the week I’ve been reading Colin Grant’s most excellent I&I. As escort I attend a party. A guests of the intimate gathering of forty was leader of the labour party Ed Milliband. This week i write my speech for The Frank Buttle Trust. No to cigarettes. Yes to living.

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