3 thoughts on “When they say I’m a “survivor” I think this.

  1. I say we are all survivors – nothing unique about that. After watching your TED talk I understood the birth of creativity, the burn it causes and the choice to either extinguish or harness and etch a statement. That is what I saw and heard in your TED talk.

  2. Lemn,
    Not sure why I listened to TED last week after 6 month absense. Looking for inspiration perhaps. And I found your talk by chance.
    I was touched and lifted by your TED talk. Your message took me out of my tiny world of pressing concerns. Children have too often gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to power. Those who have the power must use kindly and carefully and with the knowledge that they can inspire a generation of children in care.
    I met you 2 days later on the train to oxford by chance. You had a welcoming, ready smile of
    someone who has learned.to trust the world inspite of your childhood circumstances. Thank you. The universe was indeed giving me a message.

  3. Hey Lemn,
    I just finished watching your TedX presentation and your interview in the University of South Australia. I don’t even remember how I stumbled on these sites but I think this is one great blessing God bestowed upon me after such a long time. For sure, you are the next big philosopher because you have achieved that ‘freedom’ the definition of which you were trying to give. I have to hurry to buy your books. O my God! Stay blessed and untainted! Keep your originality. Through your greatness I have seen you have suffered the most. But that greatness comes to those who put the suffering in the right perspective. Thanks God you were able to protect/retrieve your creativity, originality and natural goodness that were meant to be yours but were endangered. Now you have that creative spirit unsullied, let it shine.
    Thank you so much,
    Solomon B. Faris

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