Add option to adoption.

“Michael Gove’s drive to speed up the adoption process has  Borne fruit with a sharp rise in the number of children given permanent homes” trumpets The Telegraph

Borne fruit.  It’s as if children are a crop,  adopting parents are the consumers, government is the farmer and the birth mother is fertile earth. “Adoption Tsar”    Martin Narey strolls across the   farmyard tapping into his mobile phone. He tweets “I’m delighted and proud about this. Adoption hit a 36 year high. But more to do yet” then retweets the telegraph article.

The adoption process is on a “36 year high” but children are being extracted from birth parents quicker too.  Stories are  leaking out. Stories of distraught young women trapped in a system motivated  to take their babies into adoption above all options.   Stories of the poor being raked for babies.   How many of these young mothers  were in care themselves.     Michael Gove was adopted in 1967.  Look  closely at the adoption practices of that year. They depended heavily on isolating then denigrating pregnant women and forcing them to sign adoption papers at the most vulnerable time in their lives.  Narey and Gove are  so institutionalized that they can’t see.  Their goal, their aim, their motivation should be to encourage  adoption figures down rather than to shamefully celebrate their rise.

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