Claire Grove’s last bash.

That’s me and Claire in the studio at Bush House 2010.  Today was my second only funeral. Ever. It’s not that people don’t die.  Her name is Claire Grove and there’s something to learn from her.  I haven’t worked it out yet. It could be as simple as  live your life and stop faffing.  I read invisible kisses at the funeral… today….  London City Crematorium.  The after-party was  at The Russett in Hackney Studios.

My favourite play in London at the moment running until 14th  December is also at Hackney Studios.    It is a play performed by The Big House Theatre. The actors have all been in care..    It is called Phoenix, A Girl on Fire Claire would have LOVED it. It  was  beautiful to be around her friends. It was like being around her.  She made everybody happy.  Even at her last bash. 041510_1652_BBCBushHous1-1

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