Black Book Swap

BrQNERmIgAAurgDThis is Amanda Epe and we are discussing the event which has just finished.  In contrast to the previous  blog I’m at Black book swap in Brixton,  an afternoon of literary discussion and debate. IMG_6227In front of a dutiful packed audience in The Ritzy  I discussed my answers to the following question:  If I could take  five books onto a desert island which would they be and why?  Here are my top five in no particular order: The Shankhill Butchers – Martin Dillan, Amharic for foreigners  —  Semere WoldegaLemn-4205bir , Beloved  – Toni Morrison, The Rime of the  Ancient Mariner – Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Letter to My Daughter – Maya Angelou .

There are few times in England when I experience a majority black audience. it serves to remind that  most audiences here are majority white.  I don’t have a problem with that. In fact I appreciate it. But a black audience just serves to show how beautiful it feels to be stood amongst people who are black  like me.    Talking of majorities and minorities when Scotland becomes independent will those in England become  illegal immigrants over night. Minorities.  I digress. Black Book Swap isn’t excluding.  It is inclusive. Create and innovate.   It  is run by Tricia Wombell and a dedicated team. They do it all for free. It is  a black diamond in the dust, sparkling and true. So who’s going to  the next one?.   Lemn-4538

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