Win £100 and feature in my video

Here’s how to enter for £100 win. All you do is quote two lines of my poem into a video camera or on your phone camera  and email it to  The whole poem is below.  You can send as many as as you like. The only rule is that you must read it off-by-heart without visible text. Imagine nobody enters except you. You get the money.

Try looking at or near to the camera lense. Make sure it’s  well lit  and the sound is good.   I’ll announce the winner – the best one – on the day on 30th May at noon. So get out your phone camera and press record!!.   It’s free to enter. I want everyone I know to enter.   Ask your grandma to do it. Ask your friends.  You can do it!  The more the better

Choose your two lines.  Choose your location.   Listen to me read the poem in the audio file above. For location ideas watch the two videos below.   The text of the whole poem is below too.    Post the video via email to .  By taking part you’ll (possibly) be featured in a youtube video of the whole poem. Here’s a few ideas for places to film .. walking down the street, in your front room, in your kitchen, watching football,  in a field, at the bus stop, in the rain, at sunrise, in bed, in university, at work, in the office, in the car, in a shop,  in church,  in the back yard, holding a football, on the netball pitch, in the club, pub, coming out of the mosque.  When you read the poem I hope you’ll see that much of it can be read anywhere. Have fun!


The third planet from the sun, this spinning earth
Thousands of football cups but only one is first
Here comes the light to break the pitch: The new day
Crowds wake! Clouds break! The adventure is under way

I will not waiver I will not fall. I will not cower
When under great pressure the great overpower
We are equal in dreams – underdogs and over achievers
We are nothing without adventure believers

There’s everything to gain: Everything to prove.
Touch and be touched, move and be moved
Summon all resources, steal chance, take risk
The challenge, the adventure, the grit.

One game one destiny one goal one curved ball of earth
One and all young and old more than gold is worth
All four corners, this field this cup – Our number one
When against all odds carry on. Shout “Carry on”

Make wings of your arms with the heart. At its centre
The challenge, the Flight, Every game’s an adventure

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  1. Dear Lemin, welcome home!! My friend Dawit Mesfin and I wish we could attend your show on the 25th… cheers!!


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