3 thoughts on “Invisible Kisses live at The Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa 2015

  1. Hi Lemn,
    You are so right. I gave your Invisible Kisses poem to m daughter when she got married last year on 22/03/14. And I would have paid you, honest. I did come to see you in Exeter and dragged along my two nieces and two of their friends who were at uni and had never been to a Poetry Performance. They enjoyed it- surprise, surprise – and I got the cred for introducing them to something new. So, I did buy 5 tickets and the book with Invisible kisses in. Will that do? Also, have I your permission to use this poem as my start off point in the assignment I have for the Poetry Schools ‘No Laughs Please, Were Poets’.? That’s a bit of a cheek as it is the one I have chosen. Blame Jonathan Edwards. Sincerely, very many thanks.

    • I was joking on stage. Free is fine. I should have set something up that people could pay what they wanted to pay though. It’s all good.

      • You signed four copies of this for me – I gave them to my children, framed, for Valentine’s Day. I gave a donation to Comic Relief on your behalf. Many thanks Lemn.

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