Merry Christmas to Leeds Manchester & London (So far…)

Hiya and a Merry Christmas to you. It’s a bit early for the “Merry Christmas” bombshell but hear me out   This year I’m coordinating three Christmas Dinners for care leavers. One in Leeds one in Manchester and one in East London. Wanna help?   If you are in these areas and can commit to between seven and ten meetings over the last 3 months of 2015 – no need  to be there on Christmas Day – then let me know in the comments below this blog.

Christmas Day can be the saddest most distraught day of the year. We intend to stop this in its tracks. We are not an organization. But we are organized.  Our care standards are high and rigorously applied.  Each team will have at least fifty years experience of working with young people:  Pediatricians, theatre practitioners, social workers, PR,  teachers  and unemployed. All kinds of people have joined in and all found it a wonderful experience.

The crucial aspiration and driving force behind The Christmas Dinner is that we – that is to say the people of each area – care for the care leaver on Christmas Day with a scrumptious meal and incredible presents.  Your probably wondering what needs to be done.  You can read about The Christmas Dinner in any of the blogs I’ve written –  2013 and 2014.  And if you’d like an information pack on how we do it write me in the comments to this blog. Alternatively these two pages explain the Christmas dinner. 2013 and 2104.



22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Leeds Manchester & London (So far…)

  1. We have met b4 at Conferences.
    I am an independent Reviewing Officer in Leeds Services and would really like to help out with the Xmas Dinner stuff
    Have left phone numbers in ya message box

  2. I’m in Leeds and am interested in finding out more about volunteering for the Christmas dinner. Could you send me an information pack, please?

  3. Hi Lemn,

    My name is Rachael, and I’d love to help with the Leeds Christmas dinner along with my friend Joe.

  4. Hi Lemn,
    I’m interested in helping out prior to the events and on the day itself too. Can you send me an information pack please?
    Kind regards,
    Dave Stewart.

  5. Hi Lemn

    I can help out with either Manchester or Leeds Christmas Dinners this year. Look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 x

  6. I would love to be part of this, please count me in for the London dinner! I have experience as a teacher, tutor, mother and with different human rights groups. Thanks!

    • Next step is to turn up at the meeting as detailed in this blog. And to downlaod the how to guide so you can see what we do and how we do it and where you might be able to contribute.

  7. Hi Lemn. Is it too late to become a volunteer ? Only just found out about this fantastic event and would love to offer support.

    Many thanks

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