Above The Title

Wake at 5.30am and write for two to three hours. I bike it down to The South Bank.
I love my bicycle and this city. Half of this city is arched backwards looking into the viewfinder of a cameraphone. I’m about to embark on  one of the most inspiring uplifting
events this week –  the appointment of  the new literature officer at The South Bank whom I met today.  Her name is Rachel Holmes . We sit in the gorgeous café  upstairs at The National Film Theatre and time, as it does when having fun, flies. She is erudite, witty, open and driven.  A leader by nature a listener…

I  missed  the launch of a book called Che in Verse and at 5pm biked to  The Westminster Bookshop  to see David Morley at The launch his Book Gorgeous George the unauthorised autobiography of George Galloway. George I suspect, will not like it at all. At that launch I met Michael Cockerell the  “veteran” documentary film maker whom I met previously some years ago on Loose ends. Loose Ends was presented by the late Ned
who  was laid to rest on Tuesday – the day the queen officially opened The Spirit Level, The South Bank Centre’s newest venue.

At the moment Michael is making a documentary on David Cameron the leader of the opposition. “Two years ago Cameron said,  Michael. It’s gonna be a roller coaster ride” and that was one prediction  that he was right about.   Michael cockerel is one of the most prolific television documentary makers in British Television.  At this gathering I get the great news that Radio four have passed the documentary which I and David Morley also of Above The Title Productions have put forward.  Now we need to work on the next stage of the proposal. I am proud of myself. Here I am having attended a book launch on my own in the shadow of parliament. The free wine is flowing and I haven’t touched a drop and at the same time I am having a laugh.  

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