Community at its best

Manchester Evening News photo  on Christmas Day at The Manchester Christmas Dinner

Eight hundred and thirty eight people raised thirty thousand pounds in fifty days for The Christmas Dinners. On Christmas day we reached the target. It’s the  best Christmas present.   Thankyou.

Hackney Christmas Dinner Steering Group meeting at Palm 2 in Clapton

This isn’t just about Christmas Day. The Christmas dinner Steering Groups meet at the beginning of winter and every two weeks until Christmas Day.

Leeds Christmas Dinner Steering Group

 It shows our community at its absolute best. We need that right now.

A few of The  richmond Christmas Dinner team delivering the food.

Besides national news and TV coverage The Dinners were covered in Germany

Here some of the hundreds and hundreds of messages from donors.

This is amazing! Made me cry. My dad was in care, so instead of buying my parentsgifts, I’ve donated in their name. Have a wonderful day💓💓💓💓🙏🏽 – Allan  & Henrietta 18th December 2018

This donation is a part of my Christmas present to my parents, to acknowledge a privilege I had growing up. I hope it is a wonderful day! – Indi 20th December 2018

I’m so glad this is continuing in these difficult times. I hope everyone has a fabulous day! – Yvonne Rowse 20th December 2018

I  love this idea! This is a donation for my mum’s Christmas present to everyone – James Hale 25th December 2018

Photo from Christmas Day at The Manchester Christmas Dinner by Manchester Evening News

 Such a wonderful cause, I was in care myself as a youngster and there wasn’t anything like this when I left care. Hope everyone has a wonderful time x – Allison Tyler 22nd December 2018

My Mum asked for this donation to be made in lieu of a Christmas present from me this year.Wishing everyone all the best for a super Christmas Day, and a bright New Yearto come 🙂 – Amy Kennedy 21st December 2018

To all the Christmas dinner guests may you have the best time and to all the organisersand volunteers… you rock! These meals and all it takes to make them happen are the true spirit of Christmas for me. Can’t be a volunteer this year so happy holidays! – Anna B. Sexton 21st December 2018

Leeds Christmas Dinner table preparation on Christmas Eve

Young people are leaving care at a most vulnerable time in their lives. They deserve all the encouragement and support they can get. I’m sorry I could not donate more towards this great Christmas Dinner project. – Rosemary I Harma 20th December 2018

As a School Nurse I have seen first hand the difficulties faced by children & young people in care. I also know that leaving care is just as daunting & often a lonely cold place. I love the idea of this big care leaver family. Merry Christmas to everyone 🎄🎁🎅🏻💖 – Rosemary I Harma 20th December 2018

Christmas eve Richmond prepares 

Merry Christmas to all the superhero’s. All my love for your journey through life. Be proud of your strengths. – Tobias Gould 24th December 2018

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  1. It really was the very best Christmas present. I was totally made up. Hope everyone had glorious days. Here’s to next year’s! xxxxxx

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