Cue The Cloud

So here’s some  snapshots of some of the things since I last blogged.

I walked through a cloud in a glass box at the Anthony gormley Show at The South Bank.   It was displacing.   It’s been May.  The cloud, called Blind Light, reminded me of Phillip Pullmans trilogy Northern Lights. Dunno why.   I was there with my artist friend Whitney McVeigh.

For my birthday The Journalist took me to Raymond Blancs Restaurant in Oxfordshire and
the next day to his cookery school.    We were taught by Nurdin Topham who made me
realise the absolute magic of performance and the workshop. It’s been May.  I  had to  remember how to be taught.  It was a lesson in itself.  When the head chef burned sugar for a caramel soufflé I commented “ahh burning, the smell of my signature dish”. You never get smoke alarms on can’t cook won’t cook!

 On another day I’m in discussion with Michael Visocchi about our commission. The city of London is in the process of commissioning us to do a piece about the slave trade in the centre of The City – London’s financial district. It’s a big commission and politically vibrant.  Met with Jude Kelly artistic Director of The South Bank I am starting the residency at The
South Bank at The opening of The Royal Festival Hall on the weekend of 8th 9th June.  

I had a birthday on 21st May and hated the whole build up. The entire month.  Did not get one present or card or call from one member of my family. I knew it would happen and the month has been the inevitable inexorable trudge up towards this dark truth.  Instead of giving them the power why don’t I just plug myself in – there is so much brilliance around. Including my neighbours Naomi and Andrew who gave me some worm juice (garden Viagra) for our garden.  Okay. I am up to date now – ish. Humour has left the building but I am sure will return when I least expect it.

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