Camden Irish Centre

I  picked up some terrible food from the chippy. Got to stop doing that. I’m really into
my bike at the moment and at 6.30pm I  bike to The Camden Irish Centre to see Rageh
and my friend and television producer Paul Sapin.  They are presenting  the film “Rageh in Iran” to the Camden community of Iranians Europpeans and Somalians and assorted left field and anti war protestors.  I’d been wanting to meet Rageh for some time as he is a close colleague with Paul so I’ve already heard lots of good things from him.  There are about five hundred people (probably six hundred) at the Irish centre. The event
is a massive success.  I watch the documentary there  and see how skilful a film maker Paul is. Funny how when you know someone you can forget how talented they are.

There is poetry in his filming. There is both structure and style. I am really pleased
to have seen the documentary again.  The Question and answer session was unremarkable due to a lack of microphones for the audience members asking questions. 
There is an after show get together at the bar round the corner,  but I have enjoyed myself say my goodbyes and get onto my bike.   I should let you know here. I’ve stopped
drinking. I stopped on Monday.  It’s a very very serious thing for me to do and the approach to it has taken over my life, with the help from a dear dear friend.  I get home, by back,  at about ten.

This is the final entry of the day of which there are four.The Journalist has just got a book called My Word which I start reading. There’s something poetic about coming back from the Irish centre to receive this book.  It’s written by Terry Christian (father and mother from Dublin) a man I have known for about ten or fifteen years now and I respect him highly.
He was presenter on the seminal TV programme The Word I have been waiting for it
since I read the manuscript a while ago. It’s out now.  Besides being highly intelligent he’s a fookin laugh.   There are three quotes on the back of the book. One is by bonehead of the band Oasis another is by Mike Joyce of The Smiths and there’s one more that goes like this    ‘Terry Christian floats like a butterfly slings like a B. Buy Brilliant Book,
Lemn Sissay. I am so proud.

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