Quotes from Reviews part 2

Nov 7 2010: This is an astonishing work, raw and visceral, compellingly tol and yet with enough balance and humour to prevent the play tipping over into maudlin sentimentality. The direction is tight, and the performance moving and heartfelt. It’s full of feats of verbal display, which are a marvel to hear. I saw it last year when it was shown at the market theatre briefly. It’s compelling enough for a second take. You wil be moved by the circumstance of this mans beginnings – but take from it too, hope..

The Sunday Independent: Arja Salafranca

7 Nov 2010: Harnessing poetry’s powerful alchemy Sissay transforms a tragic destiny determined by the hubris of lowly civil servant, a life of unimaginable obstacles and life-altering revalations, into one of outrageous fortune.

City Press – Gail Smith

7 Nov 2010: The indictiment of the system that violated him, is razor sharp, but he peddles no victim’s tale. The poignancy of Sissays poetic narrative is heightened by his incisive wit. Skilled comedic timing ensures that Something Dark Doesn’t Get swallowed by its tragic potential.

City press Gail Smith

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  1. I sat through a performance of Lemn's on Sunday, and I agree, what a poignant and heart-rending story, told with no self-pity, peppered with equal parts humour (a huge relief) and heart-breaking honesty…and he is an super wordsmith to boot!

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