Two Random Acts from Channel Four: Architecture and Speed.

Over Two and an half million people have seen my random acts over the past month. Below are the final two.  The other three can be seen by clicking here.




1 thought on “Two Random Acts from Channel Four: Architecture and Speed.

  1. Fantastic! Both very original readings, I love the humorous way you finish ‘Speed’. By the way, with reference to your earlier post from Sri Lanka, (about feeling conscious of being a poet amongst novelists and reminding yourself that many novelists started out as poet), that may be so but I feel that writers who largely dedicate themselves to poetry do so because it’s the right form for them, and personally I can’t say that I’ve read poetry by novelists that is as robust as their novels.

    As a form I think poetry is actually far more accessible, more in the moment, and more intimate, partly due to their brevity and the sense of urgency they can convey, it feels closer to how we experience and communicate, not in long sections of prose but in short conversations with ourselves and the world and one another, it’s a very exposed and engaging form that seems to me to require more physical presence from the poet, what with readings and so on. Novels can be quite portentious, a poem explores and lays bare.

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