Men. So you’re having a relationship “break”. Make life better.

IMG_2323You’re having a break in your relationship. It’s not easy right?  Tell me about it.  I’ve compiled my top three  internet laughter obsessions for you cause there’s only so many times you can watch a youtube video of a cat falling off a fence. So here’s a few things to make life better, to make you laugh.

Let’s start at the top. Let’s start with the best. No need to work backwards. You’ll click on what you want anyway.  The first is Key and Peele. They’re hilarious. Most people outside US  are not aware of them.  There’s a shed load of Youtube videos from their TV Show.   You can also watch the tv series here. Your life will be a better place  with Key and Peele.

Secondly  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you  think  American comedy is not sophisticated you’ve been watching too much Fox News.   The Daily Show is streets ahead of anything here in England.  If you want to know how to watch it up to the minute  in the UK for FREE  click here   Any problems with this let me know and I’ll help you out. It’s daily except Friday Saturday Sunday.

And last but not lost is  WTF with Marc Maron. He set up this podcast in a digital wilderness that is now a forest. He stands tall above them all.  He began the podcast bemoaning a failing career and sprinkling it with insights of a recovering alcoholic. He’s brutally honest with himself.  In each podcast he interviews a comedian.  You can listen to the podcasts on Youtube but I prefer to listen to them via the tunein  on my ipad.  He puts one out free on Monday and Thursday.

1470356_389225524542637_928477369_nSo there you have it:  My top three internet obsessions  compiled for you especially if you just broke up.  There’s hours and hours of fun in there.  None of these shows short change you so you’ll be helping them out if you subscribe to their official sites but if you don’t they’re still all over the internet for you to enjoy.  All of these men are great intelligent comedians.  And if you have read up to here then you deserve a bonus track if your in a relationship break-up.   Stop watching porn.  Listen to this great Moth Podcast on how  Adam Savage tackled the subject with his two sons.

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